Sandra Bland



Another victim to the bullying we encounter by the police on a normal basis. Lets for a minute accept she committed suicide it was still an injustice leading to the event created by them (POLICE DEPARTMENT). She and I repeat should have never been arrested because of being in her car with a cigarette  is not against the law. The officer had a choice to defuse the situation but for whatever reason he escalated the issue making him the provoker. He allowed his power to overrule his better judgment because of his uniform and badge made the assumption most make. He thought he’ll get away with it. It also didn’t look good that he used his power to intimidate a woman that he knew stood 6 feet. He took her out of camera view because Sandra was being assaulted. He not once mentioned being kicked to the chin to his victim but she mentioned her head hitting the ground. His words exact ” good. good.”no need to get understanding on what’s already understood. Her death was no accident with being she listed she was suicidal. Look into how they treat people who are…Anything that can cause them bodily harm they remove from the ceil..

Micheal Brown Got your attention??



A parent should never have to bury a child unnecessarily  before them. This is a tragedy that cannot continue to happen. This time he wasn’t wearing a hoodie. It’s time to stand together or continue to fall for anything.  We should be tired of  our children, our men and even our  women being killed! It’s time we put our weapons down against one another and start  applying pressure on your government. We are not out of danger. It’s sad other races can wear what we wear but don’t have to fear what we fear. What is a right to any man if he cannot  speak up for himself ? Yet and another race of men and women still have a better chance of walking away untouched than a black individual.  Youtube allowed us to witness this  as they  go viral everyday correcting law enforcement. The difference is the chance of retaliation is higher for a black person and that’s the difference we know.  Violence is not the answer for a citizen or those who said they would serve to protect. I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER. PETITION’S COUNT, PROTEST AND MARCH. WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!!


What’s wrong with us?

How do you know if someone’s interested? Part 2

How do you know if someone’s interested?

Question of the week: How do you know if someone’s interested..


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