Black Women


The Waller County Police Department has let the arresting officer go from the department go of his job duties. The officer is being charged with perjury if indicted could serve one year in jail or fined.  I was asked is it enough? Lets be honest is it ever enough. The officer can not bring this young lady back nor does it stop this from happening again regardless if we name a street after her or a national holiday after Dr. King. The rights of African American people are infringe on everyday from a lack of compassion. The world feels more remorse for an animal than it does another human being..

Sandra Bland



Sandra Bland’s death is the responsibility and a greater responsibility for black men. The way black men view the black woman is very similar to that of what of we saw with the officer from Waller County. He felt intimidated by her tone and her will to be honest knowing his power and authority. Sandra Bland wasn’t perfect as a matter of fact sister had a history with the justice department. However, it doesn’t make her not human or a woman because of these things nor does it make the circumstances surrounding her arrest less important. I know for a fact the officer that arrested Sandra would have been very angry seeing someone handling his mother, sister or daughter in this minor. It was his duty regardless to the color of her skin and the tone of her voice. He owed it to Ms. Bland as any citizen being a public servant to perform his job duties respectfully..

Micheal Brown Got your attention??



A parent should never have to bury a child unnecessarily  before them. This is a tragedy that cannot continue to happen. This time he wasn’t wearing a hoodie. It’s time to stand together or continue to fall for anything.  We should be tired of  our children, our men and even our  women being killed! It’s time we put our weapons down against one another and start  applying pressure on your government. We are not out of danger. It’s sad other races can wear what we wear but don’t have to fear what we fear. What is a right to any man if he cannot  speak up for himself ? Yet and another race of men and women still have a better chance of walking away untouched than a black individual.  Youtube allowed us to witness this  as they  go viral everyday correcting law enforcement. The difference is the chance of retaliation is higher for a black person and that’s the difference we know.  Violence is not the answer for a citizen or those who said they would serve to protect. I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER. PETITION’S COUNT, PROTEST AND MARCH. WE NEED TO BE HEARD!!!


What’s wrong with us?


How do you know if someone’s interested? Part 2


How do you know if someone’s interested?


Question of the week: How do you know if someone’s interested..


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